Red Maple Roll (8 pcs)

Deep fried battered chicken breast, avocado, cucumber, lettuce

Dynamite Roll (8 pcs)

Spicy. Deep fried shrimp, avocado cucumber tobiko with spicy sauce

Green Dragon Roll (8 pcs)

Dynamite roll topped avocado with eel sauce

Red Dragon Roll (8 pcs)

Dynamite roll topped tuna with eel sauce

White Dragon Roll (8 pcs)

Dynamite roll topped butterfish with eel sauce

Black Dragon Roll (8 pcs)

Dynamite roll topped BBQ unagi with eel sauce

Golden Dragon Roll (8 pcs)

Dynamite roll topped salmon with eel sauce

Snow Dragon Roll (8 pcs)

Dynamite Roll topped mixed crab with eel sauce

Crispy Dragon Roll

Spicy. Mixed crab & deep fried shrimp cucumbers, topped shredded coconut with special sauce

Green River Roll (8 pcs)

Spicy. Dynamite roll topped seaweed salad with spicy sauce

King Roll (8 pcs)

Cheese, crab, tempura shrimp, cucumber

Sakura Roll (8 pcs)

Spicy. Avocado, tempura bits with spicy sauce

Crazy Roll (8 pcs)

Spicy. Cheese, BBQ eel, avocado crab, tempura bits with special sauce, tobiko green onion

Rainbow Roll (8 pcs)

California roll topped salmon, tuna, snapper, shrimp, avocado

Spider Roll (8 pcs)

Deep fried soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, crab, tobiko with eel sauce

Futo Maki Roll (8 pcs)

Tamago, cucumber, avocado crab, pickled radish mushroom

Arctic Roll (4 pcs)

Spicy. Salmon, avocado, tobiko, tempura bits wrapped with rice paper and special sauce

Vegi Dragon Roll (8 pcs)

Fried yam, mango topped avocado with mango sauce

Florida Roll (8 pcs)

Mango, cucumber, avocado asparagus